Serengeti Safaris to Tanzania


When it comes to taking up a safari in Africa, Serengeti is the best tourist destination to visit in the world. Because of its great attractions, it attracts big numbers of tourists all throughout the year. Recently it’s ranked as the best National park in the world. It covers an area of about 30,000km square. You may be wondering what really makes Serengeti unique from the rest of the other parks in Africa or in the world.


Serengeti is one destination that will live you mesmerized about its surroundings. Its landscape is characterized to be flat with huge open plains which Is a favorable home for wildlife. As you tour the park, you will actually see features like forests, terrain, rivers, swamps as well as mountains. These make a  beautiful scenery of Serengeti and a must see place to visit. The name Serengeti originated from its wide open plains and flat lands of the park, it simply means endless plains. Wildlife The Serengeti has a big concentration of all kinds of wildlife as compared to other parks in Africa. Its landscape is a great attraction to different types of animals for instance leopards resting on the branches of Acacia trees, lions relaxing under shades of trees, hippos that are in the swamp to cool off the heat, elephants, zebras, giraffes and gazelles that are easily spotted around the park.

The Great Migration

Millions of wildebeest migrate to Serengeti to look for water and food. The herd includes other animals like the gazelle and zebra that migrate from Serengeti to Masai Mara situated in Kenya. It’s one activity that goes on every year. Before the migration starts, close to 300,000 wildebeest calves are produced in Serengeti and this usually takes place in February. It’s the simplest way to settle for the lost ones as they try to meauvour through journey. Along the move, they face many challenges some are feasted on while others drawn in water as they try to cross the Mara River.

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