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Camping Safari & Zanzibar

Day 1     Arrival

on your arrival at the International Airport, you will be welcomed by our guide. You will be transferred to the Oasis lodge. Briefing about the safari will be done by our safari guide to enable you prepare the tour. Take note, in case you arrive using another airport rather than Kilimanjaro, we will organize a link flight to Arusha on arrival or the next day. The costs may increase and for those  using road from Nairobi, they may use private or public means.

Day 2     Arusha – Lake Manyara Tanzania safari

We begin the day by having breakfast after which hit the road while passing through the Great Rift Valley to lake Manyara Park for an exciting game drive. The park is famous for its beautiful vegetation, exotic forests including different kinds of tree species such as fig and mahogany. Its name originated from the maasai phase known as europhorbia tirucalli,its a scrub bush with a thorny edge that shield their cattle. Among the animals discovered in this park include buffaloes, giraffes, zebras, antelopes, hippos and a big concentration of monkeys. Surprisingly, you may view the manyara lions prominent for tree climbing behavior along with relaxing along the branches of the Acacia tree. The birds are in all kinds of species for instance hornbills,pelicans,flamingos and various forest  types. Overnight at Lake Manyara Campsite. Breakfast and Dinner included.

Day 3     Lake Manyara -Lake Natron

Early in the morning, we drive through Enguruka Ruins adjacent to Lake Natron on a bad and dusty road, this takes about 4 hours of  driving. On your way, you will delight in the beautiful scenery including the Maasai communities,gazelle,zebras,bee boxes, termites as well as bird species such as Kites, Vultures, Starlings, Cory Bustard and Ostriches. In the afternoon, we proceed with a nature walk around lake Natron and through this, we discover the smallest edge of the Great Rift Valley that is about 600m to 2000ft.

The place is well known for having huge numbers of bird species such as flamingos and other kinds of water birds because the lake has a big volume of algae, zooplankton as well as sodium carbonate. Ascending to Ngare Sero river will give us a good view of lake Natron along with  other surrounding features. With so much exhaustion of strolling, we get to the source of the river and delight in the waterfalls  that flow out of the Mountains. For swimmers, this may be the best spot to enjoy the cool waters under the hot sun. The gorge may as  well harbor some wildlife. Overnight at lake Natron campsite and all meals catered for. Take note, swimming can only be done as regards to the weather or perhaps the water levels but this may not be accessible at any time.

Day 4     Lake Natron-Serengeti

Right after breakfast, we move to Serengeti and along the way, we see a few wild animals and the surrounding maasai communities. We drive through Loliondo,a dispensation adjoining Serengeti National park close to the Western corridor, a place famous for the Great migration during the months of June and July. Lunch is served at Kopje known as rock outcropping in Serengeti. You will move straight to the park and engage in a game drive to Ikoma.Overnight at Serengeti Campsite. All meals catered for.

Day 5     Serengeti

The entire day is set aside for game drives within Serengeti, the migration season will be the best time to enable you observe the  great wildebeest,hippos,zebras,antelopes,monkeys,lions,elephants,baboon and different kinds of bird species. Our guide will be in  contact with other drivers to enable us see the hide from view animals. Overnight at Serengeti Campsite. Breakfast and Dinner all  included.

Day 6     Serengeti – Lake Victoria

We start the day by driving around Lake Victoria, in the afternoon, we proceed to the close hills to give us a perfect view of the  rural people, as we go through the communities of the sakuma natives. Their main activity is growing crops such as  cassava,sorghum,beans,nuts,cotton as well as rearing animals. They take life to be so easy and they have managed to live it. You will see the local schools furthermore walk to see Kopje. Overnight at Lake Victoria campsite. All meals catered for.

Day 7     Lake Victoria

The day starts with a canoe tour to the fishing village, The fishermen will do their work of propelling the canoes, the landscape is  distinctive of both men and women working to get a living. As they scull the canoes, they accompany it with their customary songs that gives them the energy to work hard. From a distance, you may observe the navigating dhows or boats getting back to the landing site. In the afternoon, we take on the biking trip to masamba hills with an additional price. The most exciting a bit about this area is that bicycles are the only means of Transport and probably a few tracks and absolutely not vehicles. This gives a beautiful image of how  Tanzania still appears with an afternoon guided walk of about 4 hours. Overnight at lake Victoria campsite. All meals catered.

Day 8     Lake Victoria –Lake Ndutu/Southern Serengeti

Right after breakfast, you will head to lake Ndutu located in the southern part of Serengeti passing through the Western Corridor. You will discover many features in Serengeti and part of lake Ndutu.Overnight at lake Ndutu campsite.

Day 9     Ngorongoro

Early in the morning, we head to Ngorongor Conservation area. Along the jounery,you stop at Olduvai Gorge a place where the great

Anthropologists known as Mary Leakey and Louis made vital discoveries concerning the origin of human life in Africa. In the afternoon, we go for guided walk at the Northern crater edge of Ngorongoro occupied by monkeys,baboons,buffaloes and many bird species. With a guide of a ranger, you will go through many animal trails along with the dense forest. Overnight at Ngorongoro campsite. All meals catered.

Day 10  Ngorongoro

In the morning we take breakfast and move down to the crater for a beautiful game drive,lunch en route. Ngorongoro is known as one of the world’s treasure and it has the biggest volcanic caldera occupying a large population of animals in their natural environment  including the rare black rhino. Due to the high wall of the crater, it has less animals that migrate in and out. Among the animals include the zebras,jackals,elephants,rhinos,hippos,lions,antelopes and many different bird species. Surprisingly, you may see the big five animals in just one drive. Overnight at Ngorongoro campsite. All meals catered for.

Day 11  Lake Eyasi

After Ngorongoro, you will continue to Lake Eyasi a habitat known for the cultural class of the Hadzabe Bushmen having identical  features close to those of the Bushmen in the southern part of Africa. The native that occupy this place are famous for their peaceful living with abundant flora and fauna. The entire day is spent enjoying the guided walks by the Bushmen as they take you through their hunting trails. Overnight at Lake Eyasi Bush Camp. All Meals catered for.

Day 12  Tarangire

Right after breakfast, we leave for Tarangire, its known to Tanzania’s their biggest park and a habitat for the rare huge  elephants. Another exciting feature about the park is the baobab trees and the wild animals that feed on them. The river attracts a  large concentration of animals such as cheetah, lions, elephants, buffaloes and leopards due to the undeviating water supply. Overnight  at Tarangire campsite. All meals catered for.

Day 13  Tarangire – Arusha

The day is started with a game drive prior to departing, In the afternoon we get to Arusha and overnight is at Oasis Lodge. All meals catered for.

Day 14  Arusha-Zanzibar

Immediately after breakfast, we proceed to Kilimanjaro Airport to get ready for a flight to zanzibar.Overnight at Beach resort and  all meals catered for.

Day 15 – 18         Beach Extension

The entire day is for relaxing and visiting all the beaches in zanzibar.All meals catered.

Day 19  Spice Tour

In the morning we take breakfast and move to Stonetown.A long the way we will engage ourselves in the prominent Spice trip. We have formed a unique spice trip with so much information about how its naturally grown as well as its customary importance for both  cooking and medicine use. After the interesting tour, we go for lunch served with delicious species along with fruits. In the afternoon you relax and enjoy the cool breeze of the area. Overnight at Dhow Palace hotel or Zanzibar coffee house. Breakfast and Dinner catered  for.

Day 20  Stonetown

Early in the morning, we take a tour to Historical Stone Town. The tour gives you a chance to see the beautiful stone town and its  traditional still strong. Other interesting sites to visit include Arab Fort, Palace Museum as well as the House of Wonders. Zanzibar is a beautiful city enclose with gorgeous carved doors, active markets,alleyways,mosques as well as cathedrals. Part of the day is for leisure and relaxing at peace. Overnight at Dhow palace Hotel or Zanzibar Coffee House. Breakfast and Dinner catered for.

Day 21  Departure

We move to Zanzibar Airport for our departure flights. Take note, If you leave using another airport rather than Zanzibar, we will  organize a flight link to your departure airport.

All Accommodation Packages Accessible.

Domestic Flights from Arusha to Zanzibar

International airport moves in private cars

Expert safari or tour guide with better services

Wildlife drives in up graded 4WD Land Rovers or Cruisers with open roof for photo shooting.

Entry fees for all wildlife reserves

Guided walking safari yo lake Natron,Lake Eyasi,Tarangire and Ngorongoro.

02 x BB at Dhow palace hotel,Stonetown tour, or Zanzibar Coffeehouse

05 x HB at Matemwe Beach Village or Zanzibar Retreat Hotel

11 x Overnight at public bushcamps or campsites

Canoe tour fishing at lake Victoria

All Gear including tents, mattresses, chairs, tables and sleeping bags

Packed water during the game drives

Stonetown city guided walk.

The Package does not include

Tips or rewards for tour guide or staff members

International airfares,tickets as well as flights

Travel insurance

Drinks in hotels

Domestic flights from Zanzibar to Dar Es Salaam at 75$

Mountain Biking around lake victoria

Airport tax 6$domestic flights,30$ international flights

Visa and Passport fees.

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