Serengeti National Park Tanzania

National Park Tanzania

This Tanzania safari park is among the biggest, oldest and even preferred game parks within Tanzania, covering up a area of approximately 15,000sq km. It lies in the middle of the boundaries of Lake Victoria in the west, Lake Eyasi and Ngorongoro Conservation area around the south, Great Rift Valley escarpmets to the east and even is bordered by the complex Masaai Mara National park (Kenya) to the north.

It is an acclaimed UNESCO world heritage site because of the position it plays in the spectacular wildebeest migration; a 7th marvel of the world. The Serengeti is simply renowned for its annual migration, as more than six million hooves pound the extensive grassy plains, while around 100,000 zebras and Thomson’s gazelle participate in the wildebeest’s journey for new grazing IN July. Some predators like lions, spotted hyenas, leopards, cheetahs, serval cats and hungry crocodiles dots the scenario along the Seronera and also Mara River during the migration. Most of them are eager to enjoy the weak, small as well as dying animals that try to get across any of the river.The Serengeti offers perhaps the best outstanding game watching within Africa: many herds of buffalo, elephant in addition to giraffe, eland, topi, Thompson’s gazelles, kongoni, impala and Grant’s gazelle. Reptiles just like Gaudy agama Lizards and also rock hyraxes scuffle about the remote granite outcrops.Over 100 types of dung beetle are found in the park, also around 500 bird species, which range from the particular giant ostrich, black eagles and rare secretary bird within the open grassland.

The particular Serengeti Plains, stretch throughout vast savannah, huge woodlands in the west, acacia woodlands, kopjes, lakes, swamps in addition to volcanic massifs from where you’ll find the bountiful Ngorongoro crater. Immediately after the down pours, this particular golden section of grass will be transformed into an endless green field flecked with wild flowers. You will also find wooded hills and towering termite mounds, rivers covered in fig trees along with acacia woodland.

Getting thereActually, Serengeti is located 335km from Arusha. One can find slated along with charter flights right from Arusha, Lake Manyara as well as Mwanza.Drive by Arusha, Lake Manyara, Tarangire as well as Ngorongoro Crater.What to doHot air balloon safaris, walking safari, picnicking, game drives, wild lunch/dinner can be offered with hotels/tour companies.Check out the Maasai rock paintings and even consider cultural visits for the local villages. Ngorongoro Crater, Olduvai GORGE, Ol Donyo Lengai volcano make up the other exciting locations.When to goThe perfect timing of the wildebeest migration is normally July. However game watching is normally wonderful all year long.AccommodationFour lodges, 6 luxury tented camps along with camp sites spread through the park. There is a luxury camp, a lodge in addition to a couple of tented camps beyond the park.

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