Ngorongoro Safari Tours

Ngorongoro Safari

Ngorongoro is one of the most fascinating spot in Tanzania. An African safari to Ngorongoro crater can be of great experience. The crater floor covers an area of about 600meter deep, taking up 20km in diameter as well as 300 square km of ponds, pools and wildlife. At this spot, you will get a chance to see the big five animals like elephants,lions,leopards,rhinos,buffalos and the rare black rhinos that are hard to see anywhere in Africa. For bird watchers, the crater is home to different kinds of species that are not even discovered in the nearby Serengeti National park. Common birds seen include flamingos, bustards, secretary birds, ostriches and the majority are spotted on the crater floor. The crater edge is surrounded by a chilly highland forest with a number of accommodations that ranges from campsites, camps as well as lodges. As you set your eyes to the main gate, you will see a well conserved area that is adjacent to Jurassic park. As you drive around the crater rim to get to your accommodation, you will catch a glance of a beautiful landscape enclosed with a dense forest. The cool breeze around the area will make you love the place and the experience will be for a lifetime. If you are not careful, you may be taken by surprise because of Ngorongoro’s crater rim. At the Ngorongoro Wildlife lodge, you will get a beautiful scenery of the area. You as well take a look at the 600 meter crater wall of a dense highland forest as it fades away from its landscape of the crater rim. The crater is surrounded by dense forest with only noise of the trees waving in the wind. The weather is chilly however when you are at the bottom it’s a bit hot. On your way, you will see safari vehicles carefully crossing the crater rim after the game drives. Standing at this wonderful spot, you will enjoy the charming scenery and the experience will be worth it. As you delight in the natural beauty of Ngorongoro, you may think it’s only happening to you not knowing that even your closest friend is feeling that same way. As tourists check in to their lodges, they are first impressed by the view and actually proclaim the glory of God. The breathtaking scenery lives them speechless to the extent that they may forget to take photographs. It’s quite memorable to all tourists that have visited Ngorongoro. At this place, the evenings are usually cold but this can’t stop you from catching a glance at the fascinating scenery.Tourits use all kinds of safari gear to capture the best picture in the wilderness. Among the gear used include binoculars, telescope, galaxies, Magellanic as well as Andromeda. The experience is quite humbling as you get to the top of the rim. You may spend the entire night waiting for morning so as to see the crater floor and its large concentration of wildlife. It’s one destination that you must visit for a lifetime memories.

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